What to Do If Avast / Malwarebytes Has Flagged Driver Talent

If your anti-virus like Avast or Malwarebytes has flagged Driver Talent as a concern, please rest assured that Driver Talent is virus free and does not contain any malware. Occasionally, antivirus programs may flag a program incorrectly, which is known as a false positive. Here are some suggested solutions to help prevent that from happening, as well as what you can do if it occurs.

Update Your Anti-Virus Software

Sometimes all that you need to do is just make sure that you have the most recent version of your anti-virus program. It’s possible that they have already patched the problem. If this doesn’t work, then let’s move on to the next possibility.

Flag the Report as a False Positive

If updating the anti-virus software didn’t work, then you’ll need to flag the warning as a False Positive. To ensure that the Driver Talent program is able to run correctly, you will need to set it as a permitted program for any anti-virus or anti-malware application.

If you have any questions or hesitations about Driver Talent, please leave comments in the Comment section below.

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