How to Backup Registry in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

It is important to backup registry in Windows before you make any changes like clean registry in Registry Editor.

Windows Registry is a database storing massive collection of Windows configurations, settings for apps, all attached devices and user preferences for your PC. If there are issues with the registry, serious system problems may annoy you suddenly, like 0xc0000142 cmd error, 100% disk usage, slow boot issue, etc. Therefore you need to export files in Registry Editor so that you can recover data from the registry backup.

This post shows you how to backup registry on your Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP computer.

Backup Registry on Your Windows Computer

You can backup the entire registry or a specific registry key like this:

Backup Registry as a Whole

  1. Use Windows shortcut keys Win + R to launch Run. Type regedit into the box and press Enter.
  1. In Registry Editor, click File menu and select Export.
  1. In Export Registry File box, go to the bottom and choose All. Then name this backup and select a proper location to Save the file.

Now you’ve created a backup for the whole registry.

Note: You can also right click Computer in the left navigation panel and select Export to backup registry as a whole.

Backup a Specific Registry Key

  1. Open Registry Editor in Windows OS.
  2. Expand the entries and navigate to the specific registry key you want to backup. Right click the key and select Export.
  1. In Export Registry File box, check the Selected branch at the bottom and name this backup and select a proper location to Save the file.

That’s it. This is how to backup registry in your Windows OS. If you know more methods of registry backup, you can inform me by comment. Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you continue to have access to this site as well as provide support.

  • Been having trouble backing up my registry cleaner in Windows 7. Thank you for sharing such an informative piece. Anyways, is this applicable for mobile phones too?

    • Thank you for your comment as well. In fact, there’s no registry in Android phones whose OS is based on the JAVA virtual machine. And if you want to backup the registry on a Windows phone, it is recommended to use some other apps.

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