Best Fiber TV Provides In 2020 Worth Spending Your Money

Not just lightning fast internet, Fiber cables also help you in getting the cleanest, brightest, and most reliable TV service as well. It’s time to leave the outdated technology behind and experience what true HD feels like on your 50 inch HD flat screen. It is a commonly known fact that Fiber cable is still taking their baby steps so they aren’t easily available everywhere throughout the country. The best fiber TV providers 2020 will help you experience a lifelike picture quality without any interference from weather and other external factors. We have prepared a list of the best Fiber TV providers in 2020. We have considered a lot of factors like Plan Cost, Channel list, Availability, Customer service, etc to pick the providers.


What Is Fiber TV Service?


When we talk about Fiber TV, we are talking about a TV service that is delivered to the home via Fiber optics cables. These cables are protected by several layers of coatings, bundles of Fiber optic cables deliver data via infrared lights. The cables aren’t made up of just one cable, they are made from hundreds of hair-thin fiber strands. These strands are a mesh of plastic and glass for optimum long-range and short-range communication. That’s why Fiber cables are considered best in transferring data in both short-range and long-range.


If you aren’t one of those tech-savvy people then let us simplify it for you. If you live in one of the densely populated metro areas where television providers have laid the groundwork for Fiber optics cables, then it means you can get crystal clear TV service.


Infrared light goes through the fiber optics cables at the speed of light through glass. The speed is less than the speed of light in a vacuum but it’s still astonishingly fast and it creates an incredible broadband capacity.


This basically means that Fiber optical cables are better at delivering more channels, clearer picture quality, and high fidelity sound. These picture quality can’t be matched by satellite TV or basic copper cable-based TV service. The best part is that fiber cables are more than capable to transmit data in digital form, you won’t need any additional equipment to translate before viewing it. That simply means not a single-pixel or data is lost during transmission, which results in the best viewing experience.


Where Is Fiber-Optic TV Optic Available?


Fiber cables are famous for their limited availability throughout the world. If you live in a metro area then you are most likely to find a fiber TV provider. If we are to put a number to the availability of fiber TV service providers, then only about 30% of the U.S population has access to true fiber technology. Almost all the fiber TV providers are expanding their services so you may get the service at your doorstep soon enough. Here’s a look at where the top Fiber TV Providers offer their services.


  1. AT&T Fiber Optic TV Service Availability
















North Carolina



South Carolina






  1. Frontier Fiber Optic TV Availability








  1. Verizon Fiber Optic TV Availability


Delaware Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York
Pennsylvania Rhode Island Virginia Washington D.C.



Bundle Fiber Optic Internet and TV


Just like any other service, Fiber TV and internet price and packages vary based on location. You will find single plans, bundle deals, and much more based on where you live. If you are in any of the densely populated metropolitan areas then you will have access to almost every deal and promotions offered by the best Fiber TV Service providers. Here’s a look at the Fiber-optic Internet and TV bundles from the best Fiber providers.


Providers Channels TV Plans Starting Cost Internet Speed TV Bundles Starting Cost Monthly Savings
AT&T TV 65-130+ $49.99 100 – 1,000 MBPS $79.98/mo $10/mo
Frontier FiOS 25-250+ $54.98 50 – 940 MBPS $54.98/mo TV Not Available by its own
Verizon FiOS 125-425+ $50.00 200 – 940 MBPS N/A N/A


Fiber TV Service vs Cable TV Service


There are a lot of similarities between Fiber TV service and Cable TV service than most people know. Fiber-optic TV service and Cable TV services use different cables to deliver HD TV service right to your doorsteps. If you are one of those few lucky people who get to choose between both the services, you may need to learn the difference between Fiber TV and Cable TV.


  1. Availability


The most common and known drawback of fiber technology is the limited availability. Fiber is available to only 30% of the population of the USA while cable can be found almost everywhere. In terms of availability, Cable TV service has a clear advantage over Fiber TV Service. According to FCC, Cable TV is available to almost 90% of users throughout the country.


  1. Pricing


The thing that almost all the users focus on the first look is the price. If a service is the best service in the world but it’s extremely overpriced, no one would dare purchase it. However, this is not the case with Fiber TV plans and prices. Both Fiber and Cable TV & Internet bundle deals are priced fairly and offer almost the same thing. Fiber however offers better clarity, channels, sound, and faster speeds at the same or even less prices than cable in some cases.


  1. Channel Count


Cable TV service uses copper wires to deliver internet and TV channels to homes. Copper cables can only carry a certain amount of data. Fiber optic cables generate more bandwidth and are capable of providing a much better channel count. Fiber TV Service has a pretty impressive channel lineup with channels reaching up to 600 in some areas. This makes the fiber TV service a clear winner in the race of channels.


  1. Picture Quality


Both the services have an impressive channel lineup of HD Channels. Based on customer reviews and personal experience, Fiber TV service is better than cable in terms of picture quality. Some users even say that Fiber TV packages bring out the true quality of their TVs.


  1. Bundle Options


Without a doubt, Cable service has much wider options when it comes to standalone and bundle packages. Almost all the providers in the USA offer more varieties in Cable service. But the high channel count, fast internet speeds that users get with Fiber optics makes it an incredible choice. Basically, Fiber Technology wins this one too.

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