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How to Clear Run History in Windows 10

It is easy and quick to use the run command to launch programs. When you’ve opened a lot of programs, there will be too many pre-loaded commands in the run box history. Here are steps on how to clear Run history in Windows 10. Clear Run History in Windows 10 We can open the Registry […]

How to Change the Spectrum WiFi Password

Want to connect a new WiFi-enabled device but forget your WiFi password, or just want to reset a different WiFi password? This post will discuss how to change the Spectrum WiFi password, also applied to AT&T, Cox, Comcast, Verizon, Netgear, Optimum and other brand modems or routers. Steps to Change the Spectrum WiFi Password Here are […]

How to Enter Boot Menu in Windows 10

A lot of Windows users complained that they can’t enter the boot menu in Windows 10. If you are one of them, no worries, this article will show you how to enter boot menu, applied to HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, etc. What Is a Boot Menu The boot menu is a menu accessible when a […]

How to Fix Windows Update Error 0x80070bc2 in Windows 10

Receiving the error 0x80070bc2 while installing a new Windows update? The Windows update fails to install after the 0x80070bc2 error occurs. Don’t be discouraged. Here are a couple of ways to fix the Windows Update error 0x80070bc2 in Windows 10. Method 1. Reboot Your PC to Fix Windows Update 0x80070bc2 Error The simplest fix for the Windows Update […]