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How to Fix 0xa00f4288 All Cameras Are Reserved error on Windows 11 2022

What is error 0xa00f4288? The error code 0xa00f4288 All Cameras Are Reserved error may occur when you try to access the camera application on Windows 11 PC. The error message says, The message shows there’s something wrong with the camera application of the system. How to fix 0xa00f4288? Don’t worry about it too much, as I […]

What Is Error Code 0xc00000e9 and How to Fix It

What Is Error Code 0xc00000e9? Sometimes, Windows 10 users are likely to encounter error code 0xc00000e9 when they try to start up their computers. This error prevents the computer from booting up and drags users’ productivity. As we all know, it is annoying that the computer can’t start up quickly. These unfortunate users probably notice […]

How to Fix Green Lines on Windows 11 PC

Seeing flickering lines on the screen, either horizontally or vertically, is pretty annoying. Most of the time, our first thought is that the computer has crashed or the monitor is broken. Usually, these lines are red, black and green, but they may have a different cause. If it is horizontal green lines, read on, as […]

5 Ways to Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 10

There are many causes of Windows 10 PC screen flickering, if you are not sure of the exact cause, whether you are using a laptop or desktop you can try these common solutions to troubleshoot it. 1. Reinstall a loose monitor cable Monitor cables may become loose if they are not plugged in correctly the first […]

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Opening: 9 Methods

The Start Menu can be regarded as the entrance to most of the operations of the Windows 10 computer. When you click the Start button to open the menu, the Start menu is not open, so the start button is not working. Click the Start button but no response, which is literally a headache. But don’t […]

6 Useful Solutions to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows 10

The central processing unit (CPU) can be regarded as the brain of the computer. All major components of the system, such as the graphics card and memory, depend on the CPU’s instructions. When a game stalls or crashes, an open application does not respond to new input stops, or a program opens at a extreme […]

How to Check Graphics Card Information on a Windows 10 PC

A graphics processing unit powers every computer (GPU). You wouldn’t see an image on your screen without one. Dedicated graphics cards are used in some computers while motherboard or processor-integrated GPUs are used in others. It is simple to find out your graphics card specs using a variety of ways if you are still unsure. […]

How to Fix White Screen of Death in Windows 2022

A White Screen of Death may occur when something goes wrong with a hardware or software component of your system. Unlike a blue screen or a black screen of death, a white screen usually doesn’t display an error code or status like ‘Something Went Wrong’. So figuring out the cause of the white screen and […]

How To Fix DVD/CD Rom Error Code 19 on Windows 10

When using a Windows 10 computer, a lot of hardware requires drivers to function properly, but some users have reported that they encountered the problem of DVD/CD-ROM drive with code 19, but don’t worry, I will introduce the following methods to solve the problem of DVD/CD-ROM drive with code 19. The complete error message in […]

How to Fix No Audio Device Is Installed In Windows 10 2022

It is terrible that you can’t hear or enjoy any sound of your Windows 10 computer which has a warning that No Audio Device Is Installed, and you notice a red X on the sound icon in the taskbar. Fortunately, it is not a big deal. You can try the following methods to fix this […]