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How To Back Up Drivers In Windows 10 PC 2022

Driver backup is to prevent when there are problems with the computer drivers, you can use the file of driver backup to restore it to normal. A driver, fully known as a device driver, is a special program added to the operating system that contains information about the hardware device. This information enables the computer […]

To Fix Steam Black Screen Or Not Loading On Windows 10: 4 Ways

Steam is the gateway to the game world for players. Sometimes, however, Steam doesn’t load properly, or just displays a blank screen. You may be worried if you can’t access your favorite games, but by following the steps described in this article, you can fix the problem on your own. Before doing any of the […]

Windows 10 Won’t Sleep?How To Troubleshoot It?

Sleep mode is a mode in which the computer is active in the background and can be set through the computer Power Options menu. It can save you power, which is relatively environmentally friendly, and can save you from the tedious boot process. Why Computer Not Going To Sleep In Windows 10? If in Windows 10 computer […]

How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Camera not Working? 3 Fixes

Many users complained that the integrated webcam or external camera of their laptops stopped working after Windows 10 update. But you don’t need to worry, as I’ll tell you how to fix Windows 10 camera not working in various situations, and hope you can find a solution for the applicable built-in or external camera. Like […]

What Is Error Code 10? How to Fix It?

Your PC’s Intel Wireless AC-9560 doesn’t work? Certainly not by yourself! The identical problem is being reported by a ton of users. Although this issue could seem challenging, it’s actually quite simple to resolve. There are 5 common methods to troubleshoot it. You can simply choose one of them, and try another one if it […]

How to Update Video Card Drivers in Windows 10?

If you have just upgraded to Windows 10 or reinstalled Windows 10, you may want to update the video drivers. If your computer is slow, you may want to try updating the graphics drivers to improve your computer. If you are having problems with your computer due to video driver issues, you may need to […]

How to Troubleshoot a Missing Network Adapter in Windows 10

The network adapter plays an important role in your computer because it sends and receives data to and from other devices on both wireless and wired networks. However, you sometimes might notice an error that your network adapter is missing. This can be somehow frustrating as you won’t be able to connect to the internet. […]

Download and Install the Latest HP Printer Software 2022

If you just purchased a new HP printer, or you are struggling with the hassle of downloading and installing the HP printer software, let’s read on and see how to cope with this issue. Types of HP printer software You can’t just connect a new printer to your PC and anticipate it to start printing in […]

6 Useful Solutions to Fix High CPU Usage in Windows 10

The central processing unit (CPU) can be regarded as the brain of the computer. All major components of the system, such as the graphics card and memory, depend on the CPU’s instructions. When a game stalls or crashes, an open application does not respond to new input stops, or a program opens at a extreme […]

How to Check Graphics Card Information on a Windows 10 PC

A graphics processing unit powers every computer (GPU). You wouldn’t see an image on your screen without one. Dedicated graphics cards are used in some computers while motherboard or processor-integrated GPUs are used in others. It is simple to find out your graphics card specs using a variety of ways if you are still unsure. […]