Realtek AC97 Audio Driver for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista

About Realtek AC97 Audio Driver

Realtek AC’97 audio codecs are commonly used in many computers, such as Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, IBM, Alienware, Compaq, Gateway, LG, Microsoft, MSI, etc. To make the audio device work, you need to install a driver for it.

A Realtek AC’97 audio driver is software that allows computer and the operating system to communicate with the Realtek AC’97 audio device.

To get more Realtek drivers, refer to All Realtek Drivers Download and Update.

Why You Need to Download or Update the Realtek AC97 Audio Drivers

Generally, you don’t need to update a Realtek AC97 audio driver if it’s not broken. A working well driver will always function well and won’t cause crashes. However, if the Realtek AC97 audio driver is missing, outdated, corrupted, damaged, faulty or incompatible, the device won’t work properly, and even worst is that it may ruin the computer with glitches and errors.

Therefore, it’s important to download the correct Realtek AC97 audio drivers, and update to the latest Realtek AC97 audio driver when it’s broken.

How to Download, Install, or Update Realtek AC97 Audio Driver

Different Windows OS needs the specifically and exactly correct drivers, like Windows 10 requires Realtek AC97 audio driver for Windows 10, Windows 8 requires Realtek AC97 audio driver for Windows 8, Windows 7 requires Realtek AC97 audio driver for Windows 7, and 64 bit Windows needs 64-bit drivers (what’re 32-bit and 64-bit drivers).

You can go to the manufacturer’s website to free download a Realtek AC’97 audio driver, and manually install the driver. However, finding a correct driver is not easy. If you prefer one-click solution to quickly download and install a correct Realtek AC’97 audio driver, you can try Driver Talent.

Driver Talent is a professional Windows drivers download and update utility. It enables you to one-click identify all the driver issues, repair drivers by downloading and installing the best-matched drivers, update to the latest driver, backup drivers for safe rescue, restore drivers from backup, remove drivers, download drivers for another computer, and do more.

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Step 1. Scan all Driver Issues

Click the Scan button to identify all the driver problems. Driver Talent will list all the driver status to you.

scan realtek audio driver

Step 2. Download and Update Drivers

Click “Repair” to start download and install drivers. Click “Update” to update to new drivers; you can choose the latest driver versions to update to.

download realtek ac97 audio driver

Step 3. Reboot the Computer

After all the drivers are fixed or installed, reboot the computer for all changes to take effect. The drivers need a reboot to work properly.

The Most Common Realtek AC’97 Audio Drivers

Below are the most commonly-used Realtek AC’97 audio drivers.

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Realtek AC97 audio drivers for Windows 7 Realtek AC97 audio drivers for Windows XP Realtek AC97 audio drivers for Windows Vista
Realtek AC97 audio drivers for Windows Server Realtek AC97 audio latest drivers HD Compaq Realtek AC97 audio drivers
Realtek AC97 High Definition audio drivers Realtek AC97 audio codecs drivers And more Realtek AC97 audio support drivers

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