How to Download and Install AMD Blockchain Driver for Windows 10


Want to increase the hash rate of your AMD graphics card to mine Zcash, Ethereum or Monero on a Windows 10 PC? You could download and install the latest AMD Blockchain drivers to boost the performance of your AMD GPU as much as 80%. Here are concrete steps on how to download and install AMD Blockchain drivers for Windows 10.

1. Download AMD Blockchain Driver for Windows 10

You could navigate to AMD’s Drivers & Support page to download the latest AMD Blockchain driver for Windows 10. Please note that you must be logged on as Administrator, or have Administrator rights to complete the installation of AMD Blockchain drivers. You could select the compatible driver version according to your operating system. The AMD Blockchain drivers download links are as below:

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2. Install AMD Blockchain Driver for Windows 10

You need to uninstall your existing AMD graphics driver before installing the new AMD Blockchain driver for Windows 10. You could open Control Panel > click Programs and Features > select AMD Installer > click Uninstall.

Note: You’d better close all opened applications, such as anti-virus, firewall, remote-access, or webcam software.

Step 1. Run the AMD Blockchain driver installer and it will detect your AMD graphics card automatically. amd_blockchain_driver_windows_10_1
Step 2. Once the detection is complete, the options for an Express or Custom Install will show up. amd_blockchain_driver_windows_10_2
Note: The Express Install option should install all core components in the default folder location, C:\Program Files\AMD\. The Custom Install option allows you to select individual components and the folder for installation.
Note: It is recommended to use the default destination folder for the AMD Blockchain driver installation.

Step 3. Click Express Install or Install to install the AMD Blockchain driver.
Step 4. Once the AMD Blockchain driver installation is complete, an option to install AMD ReLive will be available.

Step 5. Once Radeon Software has been successfully installed, click Restart Now to reboot your PC.

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  • After installing the drivers via Blockchain, the program “ethnminer_start.bat” has ceased to run.
    I ask for clarification.

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