How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on Windows 10


Since Microsoft implemented dark mode on Windows 10, the demand for dark modes in apps is prominent day by day. Back in September, Google was reported to commit itself to developing dark mode for Chrome. A week ago, Google engineer Peter Kasting confirmed in Reddit that the native dark mode support for desktops is in progress.

Though now the dark mode hasn’t landed in Chrome yet, it is available in Chrome Canary. You can try it at the moment. And here, you will be shown how to enable Google Chrome Canary dark mode on Windows 10. Read on to get it.

How to Enable Google Chrome Canary Dark Mode on Windows 10

It’s easy to enable dark mode for Google Chrome Canary on Windows 10. Do like this:

Step 1. Download and install Google Chrome Canary.

Step 2. Right click on its shortcut on the desktop and select Properties.

Step 3. Add “-force-dark-mode” after chrome.exe in the Target field, then click on Apply and OK to save the change.


Now launch Google Chrome Canary and you will see a new look with the dark mode.


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After you enable the dark mode for Google Chrome Canary, the Toolbar and Settings page will appear dark. But the websites you visit will stay intact. It appears to be half-baked.

If you want to darken the full page, you’d better add the “Dark Theme for Chrome” extension in the Chrome Web Store. It will cover your Chrome with a stylish dark theme to protect your eyes from bright colors. Social networks, mainstream sites, and all other New Tabs will be all together applied to black colors.

In the near future, we will be able to see system-wide dark modes across all the major platforms. But there is still a long way to go. Let’s expect the search engine giant to officially introduce the native dark mode for Google Chrome.

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