How to Fix SATAFIRM S11 SSD Error

Recently, a user reached out to us for help because he came across the SATAFIRM S11 error with his SSD. He encountered this error when he tried to quickly boot his computer after suffered BSoD (blue screen) issue. One of his SSDs was identified as SATAFIRM S11.


As we know, there isn’t a kind of SSD called SATAFIRM S11. This is an issue regarding SSD. And we found that this user was not alone. There is also somebody else suffering the same issue.

“I need help regarding the SATAFIRM S11 error. SSD was working fine with my Asus Z270 F gaming motherboard. Then my motherboard got dead and I received GA-Z270X-Gaming K5 in replacement and now I’m getting this error…For the first time I connected my SSD with the GA-Z270X-Gaming K5 motherboard, Windows normally booted up. This problem occurred when I wanted to reinstall the Windows in it. How to fix it? Please help.”

Above is what another user posted on the social platforms to ask for help. It’s not just here. How to fix the SATAFIRM S11 SSD error? If you are also struggling with this error, don’t be dejected. This article is written to help you. Read on to find the solutions.

What SATAFIRM S11 error means?

If an SSD is recognized as SATAFIRM S11, it means that the firmware information of the SSD has been rewritten. It’s probably that the SSD is dead. And all your data in the SSD are hard to get back. It’s very frustrating.

Therefore, it’s essential to back up important data. Important data should not be stored on a single computer. You’d better back up them at least two different places at the same time.

Bonus Tip: If you want to back up drivers, here recommended a professional driver utility called Driver Talent. It is a one-stop driver management tool. You can back up, repair, download, install or update your drivers safely and quickly with it. It will help improve the performance of your computer.

How to fix SATAFIRM S11 SSD error?

If you encountered the SATAFIRM S11 SSD error unluckily, the only solution is to get a new SSD in replacement. If your SSD is still under warranty, you can exchange it for a new one or get a refund. If no, you need to buy a new SSD to replace the old one.

Please keep in mind to be extra cautious when buying SSDs. SATAFIRM S11 error usually occurs on the low-end and entry-level SSDs. You’d better consult someone who knows SSDs very well before you buy it.

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That’s all. Have you got how to fix SATAFIRM S11 SSD error now? If you know which SSD is better, you can leave your comment below to share with us. For more solutions to other computer issues like no sound, no Wi-Fi available, black screen or microphone not working, click here.

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