Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Microsoft Windows is the most common operating system used in the market. If you are one of the Windows OS users, you might be looking for Windows 10 tips and tricks to make it perform even better. We are going to unveil some of the hidden features of Windows 10  that can make your working experience even smoother.

Many of the Windows tips are features that have been around for some time. However, due to the little information available about them, only a few people get to use them to make their Windows computers fully functional. These Windows 10 secrets are some of the ways that Windows make life easier.

1. The Show Desktop Button:

Not so many people know that the desktop button is an efficient way to switch between the open apps and the desktop. You do not need to close or m inimize all the windows of the apps you are running before you can access the desktop on your Windows computer.

The show desktop button has been in use since the Windows 7 release. The button is located at the bottom right corner of your computer, beyond the date. If you’re a student and got a specific task to review Windows 10 in different aspects, you can freely ask professionals to do my assignment Australia and minimize efforts and save your time at once.

You can as well use the “Peek” feature to preview your desktop without clicking on the button. To enable this feature on Windows 10, you just need to head over to Settings and click on personalization. Under taskbar, toggle the “use peek to preview desktop” button.

2. Rotate Your Screen with Keyboard Shortcuts:

Available on Windows 7 and 10, the rotate screen Windows 10 secrets allows you to change the orientation of your desktop and apps when you are using. It might not be so useful for most people, but you will find it cool to rotate the screen with a few shortcut buttons.

To turn your Windows screen, press simultaneously the CTRL+ALT+D and the arrow keys. The left and right arrows rotate the screen 90 degrees in the respective direction. The down arrow makes the screen display upside-down while the up arrow restores the desktop back to default.

Without using the keys, you can access this setting by right-clicking the desktop and clicking on the Graphics Option. Under that, click on the rotation and choose the angle you want to rotate your screen.

3. Slide to Shutdown:

Among the Windows 10 tips and tricks, this is one awesome feature you may fancy trying. You can set the computer to shut down by pulling down on your desktop. It, however, takes some bit.


Right click on your desktop and choose “New Shortcut.” The window will ask you to paste the code. Use the code below for the pull down to shut the computer:


You can then give the shortcut a name you like. Whenever you double-click the icon, the desktop presents you with a shutdown menu asking you to slide to shut down. Use your mouse to slide the desktop overlay to turn off your PC.

4. The “God Mode” Button:

Be careful what you do with this Windows 10 hidden features. It is recommended to Windows advanced users who do not mind getting their hands dirty on the system. This feature is a hidden Windows folder that gives you access to all the system settings in one place as files, instead of the control panel and application menus.

To activate the “god mode” feature, create a new folder on your desktop. When prompted for the folder name, enter “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” (without the quotes). When you double-click the folder, you will be presented with the various settings menus. Be sure not to go nuts.

5. Window Shaking:

What a cool Windows 10 hidden features! You liked the idea of minimizing all the windows by clicking on the desktop icon. What about when you want to remain with one app window on display. Use your mouse and grab the window you want to use. “Shake” the window you grabbed with your mouse to minimize all the other windows. Shake again to restore the minimized windows.


There are many tricks you can do with your Windows 10 computer. We just covered a few which may be interesting to you. If you do not feel comfortable creating folders and shortcuts on the desktop, you can use a custom folder to hold all your tricks in one place.

Last but not the least, a working computer is the basis. Should you have any driver related questions, don’t hesitate to contact Driver Talent team for help.

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