How to Schedule a Windows Defender Antivirus Scan


Windows Defender Antivirus (known as Windows Defender before Windows 10 19H2 update) is a built-in anti-malware component of Windows OS. It includes a number of real-time security agents that monitor several common areas of Windows for changes that might have been caused by spyware and features real-time protection to protect your device and files.

You have the option to start a Windows Defender Antivirus scan manually or schedule a scan at a specific time according to your needs. In this post, you will be told how to schedule a Windows Defender Antivirus scan in Windows 10 using the Task Scheduler. Let’s take a look.

How to schedule a Windows Defender Antivirus scan in Windows 10?

To schedule a Windows Defender Antivirus scan in Windows 10, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Type “task scheduler” into the search bar and select Task Scheduler from the search results to launch it.


Step 2. Access to Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Windows Defender.

Step 3. Right click on “Windows Defender Scheduled Scan” in the window at the top right, and then select Properties from the pop-up menu.


Step 4. Click on the Triggers tab, and then click on the New… button.


Step 5. Select the “On a schedule” option and specify when the task should start in the Settings box below.


Step 6. Click on OK to save the change.

Once you complete these steps, Windows Defender Antivirus will perform a scan automatically at the time you set.

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That’s it. Hope you find this post helpful. And why not try to schedule a Windows Defender Antivirus scan by yourself? If you need further assistance, feel free to leave comments below to let us know. To get more useful computer tips, you can visit the Resource section on Driver Talent’s official website.

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