Tips for Setting Up Your New College Laptop

Getting a new college laptop in school can be a lot of fun. However, there are a few things you should do before you start surfing the web and streaming movies. Taking the time to check off each of these items when you first open the box may save you a headache.


Run Through the Prompts on Your New College Laptop

It may seem like a waste of time, but each setup question is designed to make your laptop more user-friendly. Taking the time to set everything up when you first get it will save you a lot of trouble later when you are in the eleventh hour and your computer decides it needs to update.

Download the Latest Version of Windows Right Away

As soon as you are done setting up your laptop, you will want to update the latest version of Windows on your PC. Depending on when your computer hits the shelves in the store, it may have an outdated Windows program. By updating it right away, you can guarantee that it will work as quickly and smoothly as possible. You also don’t have to worry about the laptop attempting to restart when you are in the middle of a homework assignment or paper.

Install Your Favorite Browser

There are several versions of browsers now, and some programs run better on one than they do on another. You may find that you have two or three different internet browsers installed to access different materials that are required for class, as some programs don’t work well with specific browsers.

If you download one or two when you first get the laptop, it will save a lot of time and trouble when you find that the program you need to utilize can’t be opened on the stock browser.

Install Virus Protection Software

While this should be a given in this day and age, some folks try to save a dollar by not paying for antivirus software. Don’t do that.

If you get a virus or malware, all of your files can become corrupted or inaccessible. Think of all the hours of work you would lose if you couldn’t access your files. Download an antivirus software program and schedule it for regular, frequent scans.


Download Microsoft Office Suite or Bookmark Google Docs

Microsoft Office and Google Docs are more alike than they once were, and for this reason more people are turning to Google Docs for typing papers, sharing files, and creating documents. However, there are still benefits to use Microsoft Office.

Whichever you decide to use, make sure you get it set up when you first get your laptop up and running. Spending the time right away will be much wiser than waiting until you have a paper to write.

Backup Your New Laptop

Whether you decide to use OneDrive, use a flash drive, an external drive, or the cloud, backup your computer files.

Anything can go wrong, and you don’t want to lose any work should a file become corrupt or it didn’t save properly.

Updating Your PC Drivers

While this isn’t imperative to do right off the hop, while you are updating everything, you may as well update the drivers too. It typically won’t take too long, and you will be much happier to have it done than waiting until you are trying to get a CD to load or install a new printer.

That’ all for today’s tips on setting up your new college laptop. It also applies to any computer’s setting up including office computer.

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