7 Essential Windows Apps for Students

We use our personal device almost throughout our lives, be it a PC, a laptop or a tablet. Most of the time we use it while studying as we need to share files, receive tasks, research and check our essays for mistakes before sending them via email. It’s important to learn about the technology in college and know exactly how to use apps for students on Windows or you can lack a lot in your studies without essential knowledge.

If you’re still new to some technology, we’re here to share some amazing apps for your desktop and make your studies a lot easier with your new skills.


1. Proofread any text

After composing your new assignment, you will surely need to check it for mistakes. Grammarly is perfect for this. You can use it by installing the app, their official website or extension for Microsoft. Grammarly can be used both for free and by paying for a subscription, and both versions work amazingly. In the free version, you’ll be able to eliminate grammar and spelling mistakes, while your subscription adds punctuation, plagiarism, and other bonuses.

2. Access your files

While in college and at home, you’d want to be able to access all your files from any portable device you have. Sometimes you need to check your essay or turn in a completed test that was sent to your laptop. Google Drive is one of the essential Windows 10 apps, which will help you find information, write text, make spreadsheets and create presentations. Moreover, you’ll be able to share your documents with any user available.


3. Research your information

We all know what Google is and how amazing it is to find some pieces of information, but sometimes it is really not good enough for college research. That’s when Wolfram Alpha comes in with its unique way of researching and submitting information, checking thoroughly and presenting it to you in a most detailed manner. Whatever it is you’re trying to find, this app will help you in a second, with bonus link and related information.

4. Browse

Wikipedia is one of the best apps for PC that literally everyone knows about and is using in the 21st century. Every scholar opens its page almost every day, trying to find and rewrite information. Now, it’s not only on the web but also in Windows 10 as an official app for any teenage user in need. This casual service receives a contribution from its users that write articles by themselves and try to correct others. Being a new app, it’s a lot smoother and faster to use on your PC.

5. Pick the right word

In case you want to find the best dictionary to check spelling and synonyms on your laptop or desktop computer, we can definitely recommend one you can download right from the Microsoft Store. It’s called Advanced English Dictionary, and it’s probably the best pick for students all over the world. For sure, companies providing college paper writing service use this dictionary to do their work. While you can check the definition like in other apps, there are also similar words and synonyms presented right at the same place while you’re doing your creative works. Furthermore, it’s completely free! You can save some money for your college books or a sweet treat from a cafe.

6. Do math

If you like math but struggle with it, and using your simple calculator is not a choice anymore, you can definitely transfer to a new simple app for school called Calculator X8. It does what most calculators do, but does it perfectly, simply and with no mistakes. X8 has a little more features than a simple calculator, but you should definitely explore it yourself while practising or doing homework.

7. Take notes

When you try to find a good app for notes that spread across all devices, including iOS, Windows, and Android, you can mostly find some expensive ones… Way too expensive for your student life. And even while they have free versions, they can limit you too much. Yet, we managed to get a hold of OneNote, a completely free app that gives you a chance to write, draw, take notes and share them across every platform you want. Most of the time, Windows has it installed as a desktop version, but you can grab it in any online shop.

Here they are – the best apps ever for you. Whenever you find it hard to do everything by yourself, you can always find some help in technology, especially at the age of student-driven education. Share your notes and ask your friends to help you out, send essays right into Google Drive and be the boss among all the other students. Calculate like a master and don’t stop on what you’ve got, search through other extensions for your laptop. We genuinely hope that everything you found here will help you on your way to your degree and perfect grades.

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