How to Get the Best Price for Your Old iPhone?  

It’s around that time of the year when Apple unveils a newer model in the iPhone series, so that means you have got to start thinking about what to do with that old iPhone.

Would you banish it to the land-of-the-old, your warehouse, or pass it down to a family member? Better still, would you rather exchange it for a huge stack of cash? Obviously, cash would be better – and in this article we will show you how to get the best price for your old iPhone.

Make a Decision

When I say make a decision, I am not referring to making a resolve to sell your iPhone; you’ve already done that. However, I am referring to choosing a way through which you could sell your device.

Truly, there are several ways you could do this. The first way you could consider is finding someone who is willing to buy your iPhone. This person might be your friend, relative, colleague, or any other potential buyer.

Secondly, try to harness your online presence. We all have social media handles, most of which are for your personal use. A potential buyer wants a trustworthy seller, so by getting him to see your pictures on Facebook, alongside your old iPhone – you gain his trust, and surely, you can be guaranteed of selling it for a good price. Other methods of selling include the use of classified ads.

Prepare Your iPhone

In as much as your iPhone would be second-hand to whoever the buyer is, nobody wants a dirty phone. Spots, scratches, a broken screen, and faulty accessories do well to reduce the market value of your iPhone. So, while you try to contact potential buyers, remember to contact your cleaning tools.

No, you don’t have to pick up a makeup kit to clean your iPhone; simple cleaning utensils would do the job. When cleaning a phone, clean cloths and cleaning sprays are irreplaceable. If there are any spots, wipe them off. If you have a broken screen protector, consider getting a new one. Also, clean the accessories so as to make them look new. Just don’t wipe too hard, so you don’t do more harm than good. Remember, presentation is key.

Broken iPhone? Consider Recycling Platforms

Let’s face the truth. We all have our moments of carelessness. Unfortunately, our phone screens go for it at times. If you have a broken screen, try to channel your effort into getting a recycling platform that pays cash for phones.

Indeed, it is an easier option. You don’t have to go through all the cleaning rigors – just present it as it is. After all, it would still be dismantled.

Have Good Negotiation Skills

Nothing substitutes for good negotiation skills when it comes to business. Definitely, the buyer would want it at a lower price even if you want more. Therefore, good negotiation skill is paramount to getting the best price off your iPhone.

The truth is that people don’t tend to value what they cannot see. So, you might have to meet the potential buyer in person. Allowing the buyer to see the phone would jolt his interest in your phone. But, try to meet the person in a public place; so you don’t have your phone snatched away from you.

Wrapping Up

On your end, do not be carried away by the joy of getting cash from an old phone, and then forget to clear your data. Your bank payment methods, social media chats and many other private data of yours are at risk if you fail to factory reset. So, do it!

That’s all for what to prepare for selling your old iPhone at the best price. Hope it helps.


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