Make Full Use of Samsung Galaxy S6 – A Useful Samsung Galaxy S6 Tip

LG G3 and iPhone are not the only smartphones that have received awards from the GSM Association. Samsung’s newly announced Galaxy S6 edge is also in the list of “Best new handset” at MWC 2015.

Yes, you can make the most of this new cell phone: make calls with anyone you like, send messages between your friends, shop online for products, play games, listen to favorite music, and do most of the similar fun things. However, all the things you do just prove you’re just using a phone. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is not just a phone. It can act as removable storage to share anything with your computer, a notebook for any important appointment, a good doctor to provide useful health care advices, and even a detector for environment prediction.

samsung galaxy s6 edge

You can make it to anything you like. Today we share you with a fantastic tip to make full use of Samsung Galaxy S6. That is, transfer anything between it and your computer.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Tip – A Useful Removable Storage to Transfer Files between Phone and Comptuer

Most of you have known how to transfer photos and videos between your Samsung Galaxy S6 and a computer. Just connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and then you can start to transfer files between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the computer. It seems very easy. However, many users fail because of computer doesn’t recognize the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Therefore, what we focus on is not how to transfer, but how to make the transfer successful, so that you can freely use your Samsung Galaxy S6 as a convenient removable storage to share things.

OK, let’s get started.

First, make sure the connection is fine. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone to your computer using the supplied USB/charging cable (insert the smaller end of the cable to the USB Charge/Accessory jack at the bottom of the phone, and then insert the larger end of the cable into an available USB port on your computer). If the USB cable doesn’t work, change a new one. You also need to check is the USB port is working fine (you can use another device to test).

Second, install the proper Samsung Galaxy S6 driver. The reason why the phone can’t be recognized by your computer is that the driver is missing. A Windows computer needs drivers to recognize and communicate with your device. In fact, the first time you connect your Samsung Galaxy S6, the computer will automatically install the driver. If it fails, you will get a notice, and you won’t find your device on the computer. If this happens, use Driver Talent (formerly called DriveTheLife), which is a free and professional phone drivers installer utility. It can quickly download the best-matched driver for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and then automatically install the driver. For more information, refer to Phone Drivers Free Download and Update.

download drivers

Reconnect your phone to the computer and it will be recognized by the computer quickly.

Third, transfer files between your computer and the Samsung Galaxy S6. After the computer recognizes the smartphone, the AutoPlay window will pop up to allow you to manage your phone, usually informed as: Sync digital media files to this device, open device to view files, import pictures and videos, and download images. Alternatively, you can navigate to the detected phone in “My Computer” and start moving things to or from computer.

transfer data between samsung galaxy s6 and pc
  • My pc (windows 8) has recognized the phone but it keeps dropping the connection. It is extremely frustrating to download any files from the phone due to PC dropping connection in middle of download. I don’t know what to do… please help!!

    • You’d make sure that your network connection is stable. Do you have a proper network driver installed? Try DriveTheLife to check the network driver. If nothing happens, restart the network router.

    • I experienced the same thing before. I believe the USB cord provided with the Galaxy S6 Edge is a charging cable, not a data cable. I used a different one (this time, a data cable) and now data transfer works perfectly fine. Hope this helps! GL

      • Where did you get the data cable?

        • The data cable comes with your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Usually, you can also try other Samsung phone’s data cable if available. If you don’t have one, you can buy one from a electronic store or online.

          • Wow! After months of frustration and trying several drivers and stuff, using a different cable did the trick. Thank you!

  • I am having the same problem….VERY frustrating!

  • Connecting my SM-G920V to my Asus Laptop with Windows 8.1 fails miserably. The connection keeps bouncing and won’t establish a reliable connection. I’ve tried other USB cables too without any luck.

    The same drivers seem to work with Windows 7 so it seems like a driver issue Samsung needs to fix.

  • Sigh, I’d hoped this article would help, but alas it didn’t. I can import pictures from my phone to my laptop but it can’t do the videos for some reason. Any thoughts? Drivers are up to date.

  • My phone cnt be recognised by the pc but it is able to charge

    • I’m having this exact same problem. My computer can charge the phone but it does not recognize it as a USB device. It’s been doing it for about a week now, I can’t seem to figure out how to make it connect. It worked fine before.

  • You need to change the USB settings on your Samsung Galaxy Phone to allow for uploading. Then it will work. Here’s a link:

  • Similar problem: Galaxy s6 to Windows 8.1. have installed the drivers. Using the Samsung USB cord, the PC sees the S6, correctly identifies it as SAMSUNG-SM-G920V model MTP, category portable Media Player, Modem. But Explorer sees no contents: “This folder is empty”. Do I need to set some sort of permissions on the phone to allow the PC to read the contents? Similar results with ES File Explorer using FTP address: Sees file structure on phone but cannot open/read any contents.

    • I found a solution: pull down the file transfer option. under ‘Use USB for’ select file transfer.

  • Here are the steps to get pictures and videos from Samsung S6 to Windows PC.

    You must change the setting on the setting on your phone in order for your PC to recognize the USB connection and see your files (pictures and videos)

    Step 1: Go to Settings, scroll down to “Developer options” and then go to “USB debugging” and select “on”.
    A popup message “Allow USB debugging”, click “OK”

    Step 2: Stay in Settings, scroll down to “USB Configuration”, click on it and a popup of options is displayed. Select “MTP (Media Transfer Protocol” and the display will go away.

    Exit out of Settings

    Step 3: Connect your S6 to your Windows PC with the USB connection. You should be able to see your files and should have the capability to select the files to transfer from your phone to your PC.

  • Thank was really very helpful.Thanks a ton! Finally after days I was able to download my images 🙂

  • The charger port on my S6 is bent so I’ve been charging it on a wireless pad port for a while. How do I transfer these photos to a computer without that Port working?

  • My Samsung s6 is still new but it always complain about space whenever I wanna update my apps or download yet I can see I have more than 30Gb of disk space

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