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How to Fix 0xa00f4288 All Cameras Are Reserved error on Windows 11 2022

What is error 0xa00f4288? The error code 0xa00f4288 All Cameras Are Reserved error may occur when you try to access the camera application on Windows 11 PC. The error message says, The message shows there’s something wrong with the camera application of the system. How to fix 0xa00f4288? Don’t worry about it too much, as I […]

How to Fix Green Lines on Windows 11 PC

Seeing flickering lines on the screen, either horizontally or vertically, is pretty annoying. Most of the time, our first thought is that the computer has crashed or the monitor is broken. Usually, these lines are red, black and green, but they may have a different cause. If it is horizontal green lines, read on, as […]