Download and Install the Latest HP Printer Software 2022

If you just purchased a new HP printer, or you are struggling with the hassle of downloading and installing the HP printer software, let’s read on and see how to cope with this issue.

Types of HP printer software

You can’t just connect a new printer to your PC and anticipate it to start printing in seconds. You have to first install software for your PC to work with the printer. That’s why a ton of hesitant customers hover over a new printer: they don’t want to grapple with all the hassle of installing new software.

Don’t worry! I will introduce several common methods which are very simple for you to follow.

There are two types of HP printer software that can be downloaded:

a. Printer drivers

b. Printer management software

What is a printer driver?

A printer driver is a piece of software that translates your computer’s data into a format that your printer can understand. Each printer has different hardware and software, so your computer needs to learn how to issue commands to each specific machine. That’s where printer drivers come in.

Imagine trying to give instructions to someone who speaks a different language than you, the printer driver acts as your own translator and can relay your instructions in the appropriate language that your printer can understand. If the printer driver is not installed, or if it is not installed properly, then your computer will not be able to detect the printer and you won’t be able to print. So whenever you buy a new printer, you have to install the driver for that printer on every computer you want to print on.

How to update the HP printer software

If you have installed HP drivers on your computer, it may receive periodic updates to fix bugs and implement new features. You don’t want to skip these updates – outdated drivers may cause your printer to stop working with your computer. You can update your drivers in a few different ways.

1. Update your drivers with Windows Update

1) Restart your computer so that you can make sure that any previous updates have been installed correctly.

2) Press the Windows key, search for and open “Check for Updates“.

3) If there are any updates, they should start installing automatically – otherwise, you can click Download to start the installation.

4) You can also adjust your Windows Update settings here.

2. Update your drivers in Device Manager

1) Press the Windows key, search for and open the Device Manager.

2) Select the printer you are connected to from the list of available devices.

3) Right-click on the Device and select Update Driver or Update Driver Software.

4) Click to automatically search for updated driver software.

5) Follow the on-screen instructions to install the updated driver.

6) Reboot your computer.

3. Update your drivers with Driver Talent

Follow the instructions below for step-by-step instructions on how to do this:

1) First and foremost, you can download and install Driver Talent on your PC.

2) Open Driver Talent and click on Scan. Then it will search for your computer with any missing, outdated or corrupted drivers, including your printer’s.


3) Click on Install All to get all out-of-date drivers updated.

Install All

You will then see Driver Talent update all of your outdated and corrupted drivers for your computer fast and efficiently.

4) Reboot your computer.

Downloading and installing HP printer software

If you are setting up a new printer, you will need to download the drivers to your computer. However, you may also need to reinstall the drivers if they are accidentally deleted from your computer (possibly during a computer crash or BIOS failure) or become corrupted.

Here’s how you can download new printer software for your computer.

1) Visit HP Customer Support Software and Driver Downloads.

2) Enter your printer name in the search box – you should be able to find your printer name on the outer shell of your printer.

3) Click Enter.

4) You may have several different driver options to choose from – review all of them and download the ones you think are necessary.

5) The most important driver options will be placed at the top of the list.

Once you have downloaded the printer software, open the downloaded file and you will receive step-by-step installation instructions.

Bottom Line

This is how to download and install the latest HP printer software, so try it out and make use of your printer!

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