The Latest Windows 7 Update Blocks Users from Installing Drivers

Drivers are little bits of code that tell Windows how to interact with hardware, and if your computer have drivers lost, missing, outdated, or corrupted, surely your computer will behave madly and have lots of problems. Recently, Microsoft’s latest KB 3004394 update for Windows 7 has been reported to cause many issues for users, and the main one is that it stops users from installing new drivers.

This new Windows 7 update blocks people from installing lots of important drivers, including AMD’s new Catalyst Omega drivers, NVIDIA’s new GeForce drivers, graphics drivers, etc. and it even breaks USB 3.0 drivers and many other major hardware drivers.

That’s horrible, isn’t it? Many Window 7 users have reported the problems and looked for solutions. Here are actually useful methods to fix this matter.

How to Fix The Driver Issues The Latest Windows 7 Update Caused?

If you have installed this new Windows 7 update on your computer and encountered such problems (the drivers are broken, or you can’t install new drivers), you can try to remove this new update from your Windows, or you can use tools to fix the broken drivers and update to the latest ones. DriveTheLife is a workable utility that can check which drivers have problems, and offer you access to download and install the latest official or WHQL drivers to match hardware.

Here are the steps to use DriveTheLife to fix the latest Windows 7 update issues.

1. Download and install Driver Talent (formerly called DriveTheLife) on your Windows 7. Launch it after successful installations.

2. It will automatically scan and check the hardware and drivers, and then list all the drivers that have problems, as well as the solutions.

download drivers

3. Click on the solutions accordingly, such as Repair, Reboot, Update, Install, and Uninstall. DriveThelife will instantly download and install the best drivers to match the hardware. Remember to reboot your computer after all the drives’ installation. This will help drivers to take effects.

After all this done, you will see your Windows 7 works perfectly. Driver Talent can automatically update all hardware drivers, such as BIOS drivers, sound card drivers, motherboard drivers, graphics board drivers, Bluetooth drivers, network card drivers, card readers drivers, DVD or media player drivers, USB drivers, firmware drivers, and more.

Till now, the problems are reportedly limited to Windows 7 machines and don’t affect users running Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. And many users have successfully used DriveTheLife to download, install and update Windows 7 drivers.


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