Windows 10 Can’t Recognize Device

If you have updated to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista on your computer, then congratulations! Now your device is the updated one and you can enjoy the great features of it. But wait a minute. Do you encounter some problems that really cause you a headache, such as Windows 10 not recognizing audio device, Windows 10 update can’t recognize a microphone, Windows 10 not recognizing SD card in Device Manager, computer not recognizing keyboard and mouse after Windows 10 update, USB device not recognized in Windows 10, dor other similar errors.

Don’t fuss about it. It’s a common issue when you reinstall Windows OS or update to a new one. The reasons why your new upgraded Windows 10 won’t recognize the device you connect to it are that the drivers are probably not compatible with the new OS, your USB cable or the USB port is broken, or there are something wrong with your devices.

If you are getting these troubles and looking for the solutions, then here you are.

How to Fix Windows 10 Won’t Recognize Device on Desktop or Laptop?

The methods below apply to all Windows 10 PC/desktop or laptop, including Dell, Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, IBM, LG, Samsung and more other computers.

Method 1. Reboot Your Computer

Many computer issues can be quickly solved by restarting the computer. This process will end all programs and files so that any conflicts will be closed. After rebooting your computer, connect your device again to computer.

Method 2. Check Your USB Cable or USB Port

Try a new USB cable to connect your device to the computer, or try another USB port. You can also connect your device to another Windows 10 computer. If the other Windows 10 computer can detect your device, then it’s most probably that your USB cable or the USB port is broken. Change the cable or try another USB port

Method 3. Download and Install Proper Drivers

When you first time connect your device to the computer, it will automatically install a driver for it, so the Windows 10 can recognize the device and make it work properly. But sometimes it can fail to install the driver. If you’ve connected the device to computer for many times but the computer still can’t recognize it, the driver must have been missing, outdated or corrupted. The most effective and the easiest way to get the best-matched drivers for your device is to use Driver Talent (formerly called DriveTheLife), which is free and professional to check your drivers for problems and then help to automatically download & instill drivers.

download drivers

Method 4. Make Sure Your Device is Workable

Any broken device you use to connect to the computer won’t be detected. Therefore, you’d better check if your device is still working.

For more information about Windows 10 drivers, got to How to Download Windows 10 Drivers. If you have any idea, leave it in your comment.

  • I’ve downloaded DriveForLife as, after updating with W10, Windows does not recognise my SD drive. Now neither does DTL.
    Any ideas?

    Regards, Derek

    • Hi Derek, what do you mean by SD drive? A card reader?
      Then did you check it from device manager? Is there any abmornal prompt from device manager about your SD drive?
      And you can also try to replug it and restart computer to see whether it helps.

      • The problem I am having is that since I have installed Windows 10, when I start up my pc from “Sleep”, it will not recognize “Removable Drive E (SD chip). I have to go through a “Restart” of the pc, then it will show, and view the chip. But, as soon as I put the pc to sleep, and then start back up, the drive is gone. I am running a Sony VAIO. Is there a fix for this? Best Buy’s “Cheap Squad” says there is no fix.

        • when you wake up your computer it’s a little like me. Groggy for a while. leave the USB cable plugged in and unplug your phone for 10 seconds to let the ROM clear out and plug it back in.
          you should be good to go then.

        • I have exactly the same problem with my Dell and Windows 10 update. …did you solve the problem finally? — how?
          Thanks Charles

    • same problem!!!

    • windows 10 not detecting android phone

      All you need to do with new windows 10 not detecting Android phone is, install below two KBs and restart.
      Step1. install: ‘KB3010081’ —>
      Step 2. install: ‘KB3099229’—>
      And you are done. Open My computer and you will see MTP logical drive in there.
      After one more reboot, you may see your phone model/ make as drive label.
      Thanks and enjoy!

      • Tried it – still doesn’t work. Have followed EVERY solution (older Dell, now brand new Asus) – nothing works. Take same phone, plug into DESKTOP computer (with Windows 10 but older hardware), boom, shows right up, can transfer files/pix. But not on the laptops.

    • All your usb ports work with a device then do not. Go to device mgr. and look for the usb listing that has a TRIANGLE on it. Chances are very good that there are two drivers running at the same time. THUS the device you are trying to run is not working. NOW, UNINSTALL THE USB WITH THE TRIANGLE ON IT AFTER YOU HAVE SAFELY REMOVED YOUR EXTERNAL DEVICE.


      I have found this to work with all my external devices from a to z when they stop working all of a sudden. Easy peezy!

  • Option 1, “rebooting”, works. Is also a very annoying solution. Hope someone will fix this problem.

  • But there is a bigger problem; I have a USB device (HD docking station) that works with 7/8 and does not require a driver that 10 won’t accept. Seems that if it isn’t approved on Microsoft’s list of certified hardware you are out of luck.

  • Hey!

    I’ve been using my PS4 controller on my pc with windows 10 for about 2 weeks now, without any issues until now. I was playing a game with the controller and suddenly it stopped working and windows could not recognize it.

    I don’t understand how this can happen all of a sudden when it has been working perfectly. It can’t be a driver problem, nor any of my usb ports and I don’t see it being my controllers problem.

    What to do..? 🙁

    • Could you see it from Device Manager?
      Or could you find it from DriveTheLife Manage>Uninstall spot?
      If so, try to uninstall the driver and reinstall.

    • I had the SAME problem with my Ralink wireless network card. Now I am using a USB card. Win 10 SUCKS.

      Will NOT recognize my cell phone when plugged it???

  • My laptop is less than two months old. It’s a fairly cheap one (HP). I upgraded it from 8.1 to 10. One of the USB ports does nothing. The other two will both operate my cordless mouse and keyboard but will not recognize any external hard drives, including one brand new one that I just opened a few minutes ago. I bought a USB to SATA cable to connect a couple old internal hard drives through USB. The instructions said that the computer would automatically download the driver for it, but nothing happens. I tried to access drivers through the control panel, but it says that nothing is connected. The power indicator lights show up on everything. I just installed and ran drivethelife, and it said it made some repairs and backups, but the USB is still doing nothing. I clicked on the USB button. It only shows my keyboard/mouse and a “video-usb composite device.” I’m not sure what that is. I clicked on repair, and nothing happened. Please help. Thank you.

    • Hi Thomas, you may need to check if the PCI USB driver is working normally. Click Download button and find the USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller. Whether it is normal or not, reinstall it to see if anything happens.

  • My pc has windows 10 and it was working perfectly until all of a sudden it stoped recognizing the keyboard and mouse. I rebooted i even reset the bios by getting the battery out for 5 mins and then put it back and when i turned it on at first i saw a light turned on on my keyboard and mouse but then it went off. I even bought a new keyboard (it was cheap though but good) and still. It boots and then it stays on a blue screen saying: Choose your keyboard layout and below lots of countries layouts like US Albanian Arabic (101) and more. It wont let me use my pc. Doesnt show desktop or even safe mode. Nothing else shows after booting than that screen. Whats wrong with my pc? I need help plis.

  • I just purchased a new computer the other day and discovered that Windows 10 was unable to detect my Canon Pixma MX340 multi-function printer, although everything was working flawlessly with my old system that had Windows XP installed. I was using a 15′ USB printer cable as well as a ~6′ USB extension cable to achieve the length that I needed.

    I discovered that, for some unknown reason, the 15′ USB printer cable was the culprit. I swapped out this 15′ USB printer cable for a slightly shorter ~10′ USB printer cable. I am still using the ~6′ USB extension cable as well, but Windows 10 is now able to fully recognize the printer.

    I have no idea why this happened, as the 15′ cable worked just fine with Windows XP. Any thoughts? I noticed that the 15′ USB printer cable is thinner than any other USB cable that I have ever seen, if that means anything significant or not.

  • So when I upgraded to 10 from 8.1 I had no hardware issues, but now that I have done a clean install of 10, six out of eight usb ports will not work anymore. I have every single driver updated, yet the intel 6 chipset is showing up as an unknown device. Any ideas?

    • Hi AJ, from the unknown device, could you see a yellow question mark on your intel chipset?
      Did you try DriveTheLife to find the drivers for your intel chipset? It should be shown as Intel USB driver on DriveTheLife.

  • Driver Talent did not repair the issue of my losing connectivity to my Android Samsung Galaxy S5 Active phone after upgrading to Windows 10. The program installed drivers but they didn’t work. HELP!!

    • I spoke with someone from Microsoft after experiencing the same problem with connecting my Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone to pc w/Windows 10. PC doesn’t recognize that phone is connected to it via USB. USB’s work for other devices but not the cell phone. Microsoft told me that they don’t presently have drivers for Windows 10. That was at least a month ago, been checking periodically to see if they ever got any, but that doesn’t seem to be the case! Hate that I can’t transfer the music from my pc to my phone, but Samsung doesn’t seem to care.

      • Hello Molly, can you find disnormal device from Device Manager? Check from Device Manager to see if there are any yellow question mark on the devices including the unknown devices list.

        • If you want to fix this problem you need to install other windows like 7, 8, 8.1 but not 10. Microsoft forget about the important think. They probably hate samsung because if you have a nokia lumia or a microsoft phone, the windows10 will find it so easy. GOOD JOB MICROSOFT!!!

          • Actually I’m having the same problem with my lumia 930 phone, i can get music on to the phone via the OneDrive, but cant then use that music for a ringtone/message tone.

  • Hi I just rebooted my windows 10 pc cause of some harmful programs but now it won’t recognise my mouse, the inferred is working but no cursor, it worked fine before

    • If you can’t see your mouse on Driver Talent Peripheral Drivers section, click repair button. It may fix the driver problems.

  • Hi,
    I updated my PC to Windows 10 and today the darn thing decided not to recognize my keyboard, I have tried to recover but it doesn’t have any restore points and won’t let me create one because of “limited diagnostics” and when I try to run the repair it prompts me to plug in a keyboard, so I can’t …
    Can’t start on safe mode because it just loads forever…do I have to restore to factory settings or is there another thing that has worked for you guys?

    • Hi David, you can try to plug in your keyboard and run the Repair process on Driver Talent Peripheral Drivers section.

  • I have a Nextbook that I just bought a week ago and it came with Windows 10 installed. It’s a 2 in 1 tablet and laptop. It only has a single usb port. When I first plugged my thumb drive in, it worked fine, I could open the files and watch the videos on it, then it popped up saying “Device not recognized”. So I tried unplugging, then replugging it and it didn’t even open at first this time. I then restarted my computer, same issue. I tried fiddling with the usb settings, no change. None of these times (besides the very first attempt which was successful) had it shown up in device manager. I tried it in my friend’s laptop, it worked. I tried another usb, same issue. I checked to make sure the drivers were properly up to date, no change. I’m at my wit’s end!

  • I was using a ps4 controller via bluetooth just fine when suddenly the bluetooth settings dissapeared. I have had this problem before and could usually solve it with a reboot, but was getting tired of it so I looked for a permanent fix. I found Driver Talent and it repaired my BT driver, but now it can’t detect my controller. I haven’t seen any fixes anywhere else. 🙁

    • Nevermind! I went to the info on my BT drivers in Computer management and hit update. Odd that Driver Talent didn’t detect the outdated driver though.

  • Hi Riz,

    Thanks for the useful write-up. Recently i have upgraded from 8.1 to 10. Other than my 2 new asus devices, all other devices eg. HDD etc. worked perfect. I windows 10 doesnt seem to recognisethe devices when plugged in. Tried all your suggestions and nothi g works. Nothing happens when the devices are plugged in and they cant be found in device manager(no abnormal device). And because of this i cant install a android usb driver from asus.

    Any suggestions which may help?

    Thank you!

  • I have pre installed win 10 on my hp spectre x360 and I had some compatibility problem with win 10! One of the major one was GoPro Studio and Quicktime problem. One another one was another most important thing is my Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Usb connection! I tried everything to get it work but I am done!

    At the end usb only recognized if I reboot while it is connected! Otherwise forget about it, it only charges! I tried several different version of USB Drivers of Samsung and apps. Nay Nay! Nothing worked!

    Only solution for me is to reboot when the usb is connected! So obviously something is blocking when the windows is up. But it can be active while reboot!

    Can anyone help? Thank you!

    • I have a similar problem. After upgrading to Window 10, I can’t get my HP Computer to recognize the USB connection to download photos from my camera card. Works fine on my old laptop that also uses Window 10. Have tried everything from reboot to reinstall driver – nothing works. Current info and help would be so appreciated.

      • I have HP pavillion laptop.. installed windows 10.. keyboards was not working. mouse was working fine.. so i logged in and tried to install the drives for keyboard.. after that, neither the mouse is working nor the keyboard.. i am unable to login. please help me…

        • Did you check the status of keyboard and mouse under Device Manager? Are there anything abnormal under Device Manager?

  • using generic xbox 360 controller on pc with windows 10.
    keep getting device descriptor request failed? down loaded driver talent. it did not help. i rebooted pc. did not help. what next?

  • Hi, I just bought a new Acer One 14 laptop but it is repeatedly failing to recognise my external hard drive. What is to be done?

  • I’ve been using win 10 for 3 months no problems now it doesn’t recognise my Samsung Note 3. Have tried all usb tried other things in usb and changed cable to no avail. Even did full reset and reload of OS. I plug in phone it down loaf’s drivers but I still can’t see phone in explorer. Any help appreciated.

  • I’ve hand driver talent pro for about 6 months now, and I love, I highly recommend it, especially because windows 10 is buggy.

  • I have had many issue with Windows 10 not recognizing ports. I’m now trying to update a Yaesu, system Fusion DR1-x repeater. Following the update, it calls for an update on the firmware. A special USB cable is used to link between them, calls for updated drivers, which I installed. Then during the update of the firmware it calls to choose a port. Tried several and nothing, the download stops. I have had the same issue with connecting between my Dell and Signalink USB, not recognizing the port and their for no connection for the sound side. I thought their might be a conflict in drivers or ports but I’m gone over that very carefully. Any suggestions why the Dell with Windows 10 will not see different ports. The mouse/keyboard via USB work and well as my Davis Weather station, etc.

  • You need this for windows 10 for it to find your phone. I downloaded it and it pick up my phone once I restarted my computer. It works great for my Galaxy Note 4.

  • I am using Window 10 now . It can connect to my hand phone before but until last week , it cannot detect my hand phone anymore . I just can charge the hand phone only. When I used other laptop and PC it is OK . I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

  • my laptop name is asus windwos 10.
    but i have a issus
    that my usb device is not recognize that not connect my usb
    my usb keyboard that connect ]
    or that my a tech joystick not connected ,when i insert my joystc it tells me try reconnecting the device,if windwos still dows not recongize it,your device may not be working poperly,
    any ideas guys

  • my laptop name is asus windwos 10.
    but i have a issus
    that my usb device is not recognize that not connect my usb
    my usb keyboard that connect
    or that my a tech joystick not connected ,when i insert my joystc it tells me try reconnecting the device,if windwos still dows not recongize it,your device may not be working poperly,
    any ideas guys

  • I tried methods 1-3, they did not work.

    I tried methods 1-3, they did not work.

    So I tried installing the Media Feature Pack for Windows 10 N and Windows 10 KN



    It worked

  • Hi I was just wondering if you could help me. I got a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 on it and I’ve tried to transfer my music files from my android phone to the laptop but media player doesn’t recognise that I have a device plugged in but the laptop does as I can see it on file explorer. I was just wondering if my phone may be too old for the laptop to recognise or if there’s a fault with something else?

    • Hi, Megan. First, make sure the media player on your Windows supports the music file format. It’s better to copy the files form your Android phone to the laptop and then paly them. Second, you can try another common music player to play the music.

  • my brand new asus laptop with windows 10 will not detect my phone plugged into the usb port, I have tried both usb ports, restarted my laptop and opened my photos app since I want to upload some photos. nothings worked so far, any suggestions? I need this to work asap.

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  • W10 can’t find XP-340. I can print from my phones wireless but not from my computer. Anyone has any suggestions?

  • W10 and Epson XP-340: My laptop can’t find my printer. Anyone can help?

  • magnificent publish, very informative. I wonder why the opposite specialists of this sector do not notice this.
    You must continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base

  • Phone worked with one HP laptop but not with another. Charged when plugged into it but not visible in Explorer, Device Manager etc.. Simple solution – was plugged into a USB hub. When removed from this and plugged into free USB port directly on laptop, worked fine. Note that it displays as ’empty’ until PIN entered on phone.

  • I built a new pc and after the latest update windows will not ackowlege the sd card its identifiying it as a flash drive and wont update as everything is new Microsoft thinks system is not compatible but it surpasses all requirments and is running windows 10

  • I have a dell windows 10 PC that will charge and see my Nokia Lumia 1020 on the device manager, but it say I have no photos to import. I know I have plenty on my phone. Sometimes I also get a message saying” make sure my phone is unlocked ” it is never locked. Not sure what it is. HELP!

  • I have to verify with you here. Which is not something I often do! I enjoy reading a put up that can make people think. Additionally, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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